About Me

My name is Michelle. If you ask my daughter my whole name she will tell you "Momma Chelle"

Im not afraid to say that I am really cheap when it comes to decorating our house, I like to find great deals. This blog is where I like to share the things I find or make. 

I love to bake, nothing is better than a batch of cookies straight from the oven.

I love Mexican food, you'll find a lot of the recipes I share are Mexican food.

My husband is a fisherman, an AVID fisherman. He has a fishing/outdoors blog. Part of the deal if he was going to fish as much as he does is that we live in Arizona so I could spend the time he's gone with my parents (and sleep there while hes gone). So, here we are in Arizona. I love sunny Arizona.

I love Christmas and everything about it. It gives me the warmest feelings. I think because my family has so many fun traditions.

My little girl is my world and I love trying to come up with things to entertain her. I love having her with me to do my everyday tasks. If I haven't gone to the grocery store when I needed to at the end of the day my husband will say "go ahead and i'll watch Kaylie". I will almost always refuse and insist she comes with me. I just feel so much happier when Im with her.

I love candles and yummy scents filling my home.

I love a clean car, although mine is hardly ever clean these days.

I love the color seafoam, turquoise, aqua, teal.

Welcome to my blog.

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