Thursday, March 7, 2013

Barstool Makeover

We've been in our home for almost 2 years, in June, and this project has to be one of my very favorite DIYs I've done in the house so far. I made a random, quick Goodwill stop with my brother and found these gems, I was glad he was there to help me lug them to the front to check out while I carried the baby so no one else had the chance to snatch them. $9 bucks each!

When I saw them I instantly knew what I wanted to do to them. Paint them white and stain the seat.
I sanded the whole chair and then primed with spray paint where I would paint it white. I spray painted it with Rustoleum's Universal White Gloss. The seat is stained in Minwax Dark Mahogany.   Now that im writing this I'm realizing I never sealed them and I probably should but they've held up great.

barstool makeover

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