Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Under $5 halloween craft

I wanted to make a halloween craft and I had this idea come to mind. At first I thought i would get wood and cut it out with our jigsaw. but this was faster and cheaper,since i'd have to buy wood. But, this project would be a lot more durable and last for years if you used wood instead of cardboard. Either way though I love how it turned out and I am thinking i'm going to hang it o our pantry door to see every time we come in the kitchen!


-2 cereal boxes
-halloween colored scrapbook paper
-modge podge
-foam brush

-draw the shape of a pumpkin on the back of a cereal box
-cut out shapes

-change the shape of you stems because you know just rectangle stems will be easier to cut out of the scrapbook paper
-trace pumpkins onto scrapbook paper and cut out

-modge podge paper onto pumpkins,stems, and sign, let dry
-tie ribbon onto pumpkin
-hole punch to attach jute
-cut out letters and glue onto sign (i cut out my letters with my moms QuicKutz but you could stencil, print them off the computer or even just write them)
-when letters are dry modge podge over the top of them.
-hang and admire

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  1. Oh my goodness! This turned out so darling! You are going to have so many followers to this blog getting the most creative ideas to do for their homes! Thanks for starting this up!

  2. I love this! Very cute and very cheap, that's awesome. Thanks so much for sharing:)


  3. super cute and simple too! Thanks for linking to Tasteful Tuesdays! Just wanted to let you know you will be featured at this weeks party. The new link will be live Monday night at 8:30pm central time. Grab a featured button if you would like! http://www.nap-timecreations.com/2012/10/maple-cream-cheese-frosting-french.html